Gail Coleman-Hartlett


A message from our Director, Gail Coleman-Hartlett:

At Charis Bible College we’ve seen the power of God’s Word transform lives and set people free. Because of the emphasis on the grace of God – God’s ability in you – you begin to see yourself as God sees you. You’ll discover you have something to tell others – the good news!¬†Philemon 6 says that the communication of your faith becomes effective by acknowledging every good thing that is in you in Christ Jesus.

At Charis Bible College you not only receive the truth of the Word, but opportunity to practice these truths, build relationships with other like-minded people, and saturate yourself in a faith filled atmosphere.
We trust that God will direct your steps as you prayerfully consider attending Charis Bible College. There is no greater adventure than following the plan that God has for your life!

Charis Bible College Indiana is an extension college of CBC Colorado, with sister schools around the world.



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